Clinical Trial Services

SNAC emerged from a unique academic neurology and neuroimaging environment at the Brain and Mind Centre in Sydney, Australia. We have in-house expertise in a broad array of neuroimaging techniques applicable to pharmaceutical industry-driven clinical trials. Our systems are built on GCP standards, and comply with all relevant US, European and Australian regulatory requirements. All analyses, record keeping and archiving are subject to strict quality assurance and regulated by SNAC standard operating procedures. Validated computer systems are central to our operations. While image analysis is our core business, SNAC provides a full suite of imaging-related clinical trial services, including professional advice on study design and protocol; provision of site-specific MRI Technical Manuals and a semi-automated web-portal upload facility; dummy-run analysis and site certification; and data analysis and archiving.

SNAC is closely affiliated with the BMC multiple sclerosis (MS) clinic and the BMC MS Clinical Trials Unit, providing our staff with an unsurpassed knowledge into the requirements of individual study sites. We strive to provide second-to-none service to sites, sponsors and researchers alike.

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