Sydney Neuroimaging Analysis Centre

Providing novel insights into neurological diseases



The Sydney Neuroimaging Analysis Centre (SNAC) is a state-of-the-art facility that uniquely integrates neuro-imaging research with a dedicated, regulatory-compliant commercial image analysis facility. Located within the University of Sydney’s Brain and Mind Centre, SNAC uses cutting edge technologies to provide novel insights into neurological disorders; and to develop biomarkers for disease diagnosis and monitoring.


SNAC offers a unique combination of in-house neuroscience, imaging science, clinical trial, neurology and radiology expertise; and has close links with co-located clinics and the Neurology Clinical Trials Unit at the Brain and Mind Centre.  We specialise in building novel neuroimaging biomarkers and integrating these into Phase 2-4 clinical trials for the pharmaceutical industry.


To provide best-in-field neuroimaging analysis services for researchers and industry alike, and implement the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and quality control. Commitment to deadlines is integral to our ethos.




SNAC is a multidisciplinary organisation that includes staff from a variety of different scientific, technological and educational backgrounds.

Dr. Pradnya Dugal MBBS FRANZCR

Director and Consulting Radiologist

Prof. Michael Barnett MBBS (Hons) FRACP PhD

Consulting Research Director

Dr. Chenyu Wang, PhD

Director of Operations

Dr. Yael Barnett, BSc

Consulting Neuroradiologist

Dr. Linda Ly BSc Hons 1, PhD

Senior Project Manager & Biotechnologist

Dr. Marinda Taha, PhD

Consulting Clinical Trials

Kain Kyle, MSc

Neuroimaging Analyst

Xuanru Sun, BCS

System Engineer

Libo Liu, MaDataSc

Project Manager

Dr. Kaushik Ram, PhD

Neuroimaging Specialist

Suzie Yang, MNutrDiet

Clinical Research Officer

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Careers at SNAC

Junior Neuroimaging Analyst

Opening position for Junior Neuroimaging Analyst in SNAC.


Software Engineer - Medical Imaging

The role of Software Engineer - Medical Imaging is to develop and implement software system solutions, including computing infrastructure for deep learning applications, to contribute to the recently established AI innovation collaboration between the University of Sydney, Sydney Neuroimaging Analysis Centre (SNAC) and I-MED Radiology Networks (I-MED).


Research Scientist – Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging

The role of Research Scientist-AI inMedical imaging is to develop and implement AI solutions to improve the productivity and enhance reporting accuracy in clinical imaging practice, and contribute to the AI in Neuroimaging collaboration between the University of Sydney, Sydney Neuroimaging Analysis Centre (SNAC) and I-MED Radiology Network (I-MED).


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